Santa Cruz VegFest is a local event brought to you by Little Hill Sanctuary bringing the community together to celebrate and learn about a plant-based, cruelty-free, animal friendly, and environmentally-sustainable lifestyle.


Wendy: Founder


Wendy has enjoyed coordinating events the past 15 years and coordinated Portland’s VegFest for many years. She works for the Homeless Garden Project in development and event planning, she organized Harvesting Equity with Dolores Huerta, she wrote a plant-based cookbook, she’s a food blogger, co-producer of the documentary Vegan: Everyday Stories, and is on the Board at Monarch Community School. She played D1 college basketball at UC Irvine and loves to be outdoors and active with her family and rescue dogs.

Camilla: Organizer


Vegan, feminist, foster mama, animal rescuer, free plant based food share organizer, collective liberation activist, mother to Adrian and Alicia, life partner to Helbard, and founder of Little Hill Sanctuary. 

Helbard: Outreach


Musician, photographer, veggie farmer, immigrant, father, animal liberator, and  cofounder of Little Hill Sanctuary.

Volunteer Committee:

Reed Mangels

Connie Maschan

Amy Rosen

Beth Love

Sarah Brothers Bot

Liza Monroy

Mary Finch

Sandi Rechenmacher

Phil Neuman

Debbie Neuman

Lauren Stephanoff

Arnold Alper

Beth Prentiss

Summer Rose

Learn more about Little Hill Sanctuary

Little Hill Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to create a more kind world through rescuing and protecting animals from cruelty, providing them with sanctuary and compassionate care, and combating speciesism through promoting veganism. Our location south of Santa Cruz provides permanent sanctuary to more than 100 animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. We are home to goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, miniature horses, and pigs, both big and small. In the safety of sanctuary animals begin to heal from their past traumas and live the lives they deserve honored as the unique individuals they are. We are also home to a veganic community garden and a free plant based food share program. We are a small grassroots organization doing big things in the Santa Cruz community and beyond.