2024 BANDS

Dead Nettle


Instagram: @deadnettle.music

Time: 2:00pm

Dead Nettle is a band led by Lindsey Wall who recently recorded and released her first album, How I Thought under the new moniker. It’s an amalgamation of fierce folk, indie rock songs, with a nostalgic grungy edge. She explores ideas in an intuitive and metaphorical writing style. She performs older songs, as well as songs not yet recorded. Currently, she explores not only a full band indie-rock sound, but playing alongside Sienna Peck, an astounding violinist at more recent shows.

How I Thought

Nat Lefkoff


Instagram: @netlefkoff

Time: 3:30pm

Nat Lefkoff is a musician dedicated to distilling the human condition. He will disarm you with a modest demeanor as his tectonic voice shifts your consciousness alongside his skillfully crafted lyrics. His acclaimed songs, Great White Plains and Damn show off the honesty, vulnerability and intensity of his lyrics and enchanting performance style. The warm tone of his voice sweeps from an understated whisper to an erupting volcano. His performances are a visceral experience that pull at your heart until it surrenders. Nat’s music is more than a collection of chords and sincere words, it is the experience of life, masterfully articulated into song.

Heavy Lifting

Adam Stafford of Snake Oil Road Show


Time: 12:30pm

Snake Oil Road Show is an Alt-Acoustic duo composed of long time music veterans and collaborators Adam Stafford and Mr. X. Their elixir for what ails you is found in the multi-colored sounds that they deliver through various instruments and vocal harmonies. With influences that span across numerous genres and musical renditions that cross and blend them all together, this eclectic and versatile combo is guaranteed to provide an experience that includes some musical remedies that’s good for everyone. 

Village of Spaces


Time: 11:00am

Village of Spaces is comprised of core members Dan Beckman-Moon, painter Amy Moon O.S. and a rotating crew of multi instrumentalists. Dan and Amy have been collaborating on art and musical projects for 15+years. VOS weave together a narrative of personal mythos grounded in a familial musical tradition. They perform a combination of original material rooted in mystical psychedelic experimentalism, Amy’s mother’s 1970’s catalog of self taught original folk tunes, and compositions that Dan learned during his time performing with folk revivalist, woodcarver and political/ spiritual activist Gordon Bok.

Shaped by Place

Cement Ship


Time: 5:00pm

Cement Ship is an original band from the Monterey Bay area, formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2017 by singer/songwriter Tim Brady shortly before its namesake, the SS Palo Alto, was torn apart by heavy storm waves. The acoustic guitar style, singing tone and original songs from Tim seem to fit a wide array of crowds and genres, but maintains a natural and stripped down approach for the sound. Honest and raw, sweet and smoky, dynamic like the sea. The whole band includes Kai Hoornbeck on bass, Ryan Navaroli on sax, and Lars Anderson on cello.